Shipping and Processing

Shipping and Processing

I do all processing and shipping on my own so please be understanding.

Processing time is usually 2-4 business days simply because the money is going through a processer before the money actually reaches me. In that time I'm making the order and just waiting for the shipping funds to be received. The shipping option used is 5 day shipping. Most of the time orders are shipped within 2-5 and possibly earlier depending where the product is headed.

I want to make it clear that all work is done on business days, Monday through Friday. Please do not count weekends in with the processing days.

Usually tracking numbers are sent to you as soon as possible. For any reason you do not get a tracking number I would have no problem tracking your package for you. I track every order just to make sure each order makes it to their new homes. If any of your products are broken please notify me through email and we can talk about compensation. We are NOT responsible for what happens after the package is in USPS' care.

WE ARE NOW SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY!! So please be sure to shop with us, shipping times will most likely be between 7-25 days, if this does change I will update this immediately.

If there is anything you have a problem with feel free to also shoot me an email: