1. What is your return policy?

We do not except products after they have been shipped out but if the situation is legit a refund will be issued.

2. Do you guys ship internationally?

Yes we do, we got you! BUT some products in the summer time will not be shipped internationally to reduce the chances of spoiled products.

3. Is this brand still vegan?

There will be some vegan products but this isn't a mainly vegan website anymore. ALL of the products are still completely cruelty free and handmade though.


4. What is in your products?

The full ingredients list is provided for each product where they are displayed.

5. Do you test on animals?

No, that's terrible.


6. Are you looking for promoters?

Currently not looking for promoters, if we do decide to look for promoters we will contact you.


Restocks are not announced but products are constantly being made, sold and remade. You just have to pay attention!