Eudora Updates

Eudora Updates

Eudora Update - 5 (6/24/17)

I apologize for the late updates, I've been busy. If you couldn't tell already I've been working on scented soaps! I've been planning on working with scents and I'm finally doing that and it is pretty great. I am also in the process of restocking items that have been out of stock for a while like the face mask bases and detox soap. I'm not complaining but this is a lot to do plus trying to have a social life. I absolutely enjoy every bit of this brand though. I don't have much to really update you guys on, that's why updates haven't been happening but I do have a few questions:

How do you feel about our website? Is it easy to use? Do you feel like our website is boring?

Be sure to let us know on twitter! @EudoraSkin

Eudora Update - 4 (5/3/17)


There is something important that I would like to share with our international customers. The option for ordering all items internationally will be discontinued due to the warmer months. Our products are all natural and even though there is preservatives in our products we would still like to be on the safe side. For the warmer months we will be discontinuing the international shipping of the Heal & Repair Face Serum and the Handmade Lotions. During the cooler months we will start shipping internationally again, no worries!

With that being said I would like to let you guys know that we finally have the labels for the one ounce Heal & Repair Face Serum bottles. Also we would be transitioning our dropper tops to pump tops. How would you guys feel about pump tops instead of dropper tops? Do those of you who own the current Heal & Repair bottles, do you like the dropper tops? Let me know! Mention us on Twitter @EudoraSkin!

Thank you all again so much and stay beautiful!

Eudora Update - 3 (5/2/17)


I want you to all know that there is one person doing everything for Eudora Skin. Occasionally I do receive help which I am grateful for but 99.5% of the time its just me, Myesha, doing everything. I try to get orders done as quickly as possible. The one thing I personally hate is a long processing time. A reason contributing to the long processing time is me answering emails about information that is stated on the website already and also people asking about a restock. The restocks are not being announced anymore due to the next reason why processing time is prolonged. The product restocks are not being announced because of website glitches and you guys not putting in email & address information correctly. There is a system in place for orders, when information is incorrect everything is thrown off. Therefore I will not tell you guys when restocks happen so there isn't any anxiety and incorrect information being put in. I don't catch everything, some wrong addresses get through then the packages are being sent back to me. I am not complaining at all! I absolutely love running Eudora Skin alone, the only issues is people not taking the time to read emails and information provided.

Also I unfortunately lost a family member yesterday so I didn't start working on orders until late night.

If you have placed an order in the past week it will be shipped out today, you most likely received an email with your tracking email.

Thank you guys again for the support, I know I say this a lot but it really means a lot to me that you all actually like my products. Please know that I love you all!

PS: I'm thinking about doing a soap bundle! Mention me on twitter (@EudoraSkin) and let me know if you would like that!

Eudora Update - 2 (4/23/17)


It is Myesha, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be restocking the Turmeric and Sandalwood soap plus a new soap that was requested by a friend which is oatmeal soap, I just added the lavender because why not? Also, I did make a matching lotion for the oatmeal soap, that just needs time to set up. The Face serum is getting restocked today if the universe lets me. I just got over a sickness and now I'm dealing with something new (I think its food poisoning honestly) but I will try to get the serum situated and bottled up for you guys! I did reformulate it and improved the labels so you all know what you're putting on your face at all times. I just wanted to update you guys, I know I've been very inconsistent but I've been dealing with sickness and trying to get the legal hoopla behind my business situated as well. I'm not complaining though, I enjoy the work. Thank you all so much for the support, I can't explain how much this brand means to me and I love seeing your before and after pictures!

Lastly, Do you guys like the updates? Is it more helpful? Let me know in a tweet! @EudoraSkin on twitter!


Eudora Update - 1 (4/22/17)


A lot of people question when our next restock will be and also ask for a newsletter and this page right here will be all you need to know about updates and restocks if you miss the updates on twitter. We will not be announcing when we restock on twitter anymore to reduce the amount of website glitches. The last restock we did of the face serum there was a glitch that allowed a great amount of extra bottles to be sold that were not in stock. We figured to make processing and shipping more time effective we will only announce updates on our website. We will hint at restocks on twitter but there will be no more set dates displayed on twitter.

To let you all know, face serum is currently being made as this is being typed (4/22/17 8:48AM est) so expect a restock soon! There will also be a few new products added to the family.

The owner, Myesha, has not been feeling well so she couldn't get around to making a lot of more complicated products like the face serum but she has been very focused on bettering packaging and making sure all shipments gets to you guys without being broken on the trip there.

Thank you guys so much, this brand is very important to Myesha and her family. Thanks to you guys.